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ASI Plugin

This is a DLL plugin containing a number of modifications for MGS2, including most of my existing patches. You can enable and configure individual mods.

Config for ASI Plugin version a5+ is not compatible with config for version a4 and earlier. Please redo your config if you're coming from an earlier version.

Mods included:

Name Description
ActionsLaunch applications such as MGS2 Trainer directly from the game
Affinity/Priority ChangerSet which CPU cores the game is assigned to, and its CPU priority
AmesSet the type of hostages when searching for Ames, and practice finding him with a repeat-search mode.
Caution%Challenge mode with a neverending Caution. Or, start every area in Evasion, or pick a random alert state for every area.
Default OptionsSet the contents of the Options menu when the game launches
Delayed LoadInsert an artifical pause on every load (e.g. for practice)
DirectInput BackgroundAllow DirectInput controllers to be used when the game is not in focus
Drebin ModeUnlock all weapons with 9999 ammo. Port of the V's Fix patch by WhiteSnoop.
Equip ShortcutsUse keyboard/gamepad buttons to change weapons a la MGS1 PC
First Person%(Experimental) Use the VR first person mode in the rest of the game.
Info(Experimental) Some simple information displays, including a Hold 3 camera practice tool.
New Game InfoDisplay information about game settings on the New Game screen
No Quit PromptStop the confirmation prompt from appearing when you attempt to close the game
PS2 ControlsModify the game controls to more closely match the PS2 versions (e.g. swap X and O)
Save Location ChangerChange the directory that save files are stored, with multiple directories and hotswapping
Save Menu HelpersAllow 100 save games, customisable save titles, and skip straight to the first/last save by pressing L2/R2
Soft ResetQuit to the title screen when pressing L1+L2+R1+R2+Start
Stats DisplayShow the current game stats when paused, or display selected live-updating stats while playing
Text ChangeChange the text on many life gauges. Typically used to show the player's name.
Timer DisplayDisplay the current game/real time, for the whole game and for individual areas.
TurboAdd turbo capabilities to your input, as an alternative to XInputPlus turbo
Turbo DisplayShow whether your turbo solution (ASI or XInputPlus) is enabled, and play custom SFX
Unlock RadarShow the radar in most situations. Port of the V's Fix patch by WhiteSnoop.
VR RandomiserMissions in the menu are shuffled
Wet%Always leave footprints on the floor


This program is sometimes flagged as malware by a small number of antimalware programs using machine learning (ML) definitions. VirusTotal report for the latest stable version (a10).